First Day Lions: The Pride of Moate

Great music acts can transform simple pieces of vinyl into some of the greatest records ever made. The Beatles did it. So did Queen. They wrote popular songs that resonated with their fans. Television chart shows such as the BBC’s “Top of the Pops” was a great marketing platform. Any music act that was invited to appear gained international exposure. Unfortunately, there isn’t an equivalent show anymore to launch a band to the world. Instead, there are a plethora of shows such as the “X-factor” that create 15 minutes of heavily marketed and packaged fame. Only a few winners have achieved career longevity or global superstardom. The vast majority disappear off the public radar before the auditions start for the show’s next season.

So, in today’s modern music business, a credible music act needs to generate publicity to be noticed to make money. Possessing raw talent and exceptional songwriting ability is not enough. Record companies no longer spend millions of Euros to promote a new signing and prefer music acts that bring an established fan base. Music no longer provides the levels of profits it once did. Physical records and CDs are more of a gimmick because the modern way to discover and listen to music is over an internet connection using one of the many streaming companies. One of the biggest and well known is Spotify which currently pays a music act €37.40 if their song is played 10,000 times. Therefore, unsigned music acts need to think outside the box and build a fanbase of people willing to listen/purchase their songs if they stand any chance of making a living from the music itself.

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Olivia Finn: Over The Rainbow

At some point in our lives, we have all come across a piece of art that has stopped us in our tracks. If it’s a painting, then its artist will want it to hang proudly on our wall. Art [just like beauty] is in the eye of the beholder, and it is all about personal taste. What might be perfect for one person, might not have any effect on 99 others. A mid-century oil painting of a countryside scene and a spray-painted mural on a street wall may well be opposites but would appeal equally to a collector.

There is no shortage of gifted people capable of magically conjuring up a sketch or a painting that carries a provocative statement. An artist needs fans in the same way that an actor or a musician does. When the work of an artist generates buzz then the individual piece might become collectable. Most artists will tell you that they had no choice but to create art and that making money was never a driving factor. Some artists embark upon a certain career only to find themselves lured back.

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