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Boora Bainne: From Grass to Glass

Approximately a kilometre from the hidden treasure of the Lough Boora Discovery Park, the former peat harvesting site turned into an Irish biodiversity project, is the Boora Bainne Milk Company founded by Paul Molloy. Yes, there are dairy cows involved. Yes, those dairy cows will unwittingly contribute to climate change through emissions. But there is a difference. Paul has set-up a milk vending machine where you buy a glass bottle and then fill it with either milk, or flavoured milk of your choice. Using a recyclable glass bottle eliminates the need for any single-use milk cartons or containers and is a far more sustainable way to buy your milk.

Paul is the third generation of Molloys to run the family-owned dairy farm in Leamore, Boora, Co. Offaly. His father Joseph is well-known, and highly respected in the area’s farming circles but it was Paul who came up with the initiative to pasteurise and then sell the milk from his 130 Friesian Jersey cows – directly to the consumer.

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For whatever will be, Millbee

For some 6000 years, mankind has been at war with Mother Nature herself. Instead of being the caretaker of this planet, we manoeuvred ourselves into the role of carefree owner. In the 1800s, industrialisation conveniently deflected attention away from all the harm that fossil fuels were doing to our air and water. Over the next few centuries, this pollution problem became worse as manufacturers tried to keep up supply with the demands of a growing population.

The world’s first man-made plastic was patented in 1870 and was created by combining several different materials using a heated mould. It became the raw material for mouth dentures and piano keys and was marketed as a humane alternative to ivory tusks and tortoiseshells. It was unlikely that anyone could have imagined the detrimental impact plastic would have on the planet over the proceeding 150 years.

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Cathriona Hodgins: Nutrition Is For Life

When you’re young, it’s more likely that you’ll be involved in a regular sporting activity, or have a pastime that’ll give you plenty of exercise throughout the week. So, though you’ll eat lots of convenient, tasty and cheap junk food; your body will still burn more calories than you take in. Unfortunately, this type of fast food when combined with other white, starchy [and delicious] processed foods begin to take their toll on your body and overall health, the older you get.

But when we get older, everything everyone ever said about eating healthily comes true. If the number of your daily steps is less than 10,000; if your diet is influenced by the first printed menu you find in the drawer, or you have regular digestive problems and can’t lose any weight – then maybe it’s the time to get help.

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Joe is inspiring to Aspire

Staying motivated enough to do even the smallest bit of physical exercise has been a major challenge for lots of people. Those few extra ounces became pounds, and in some cases, even stones. When your mood is low, you feel sluggish and your energy levels hit rock bottom — the last thing you want to do is think about your weight. We all often need to be reminded that life is not simply about the number on the scale, but it’s always there at the back of our minds. You tell yourself that your daily calorie intake is trivial when compared to the bigger picture: avoiding the latest Covid-19 variant. Then you have one sugary treat, followed by another.

So, if you can’t motivate yourself to move from the couch in front of the TV, and feel that you have lost your way on a fitness journey, then head along to your local gym where you’ll find a knowledgeable and dedicated expert. Someone who can help you get back on track. Someone who can lift your spirits in the way that Fifth Dimension’s song ‘Up, up and away’ will.

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Caroline Walsh: Moving From One Ology To Another

For a nation where it’s quite common to receive a friendly wave from a stranger, the past year has been a very difficult one. When in living memory, did we find ourselves wondering whether someone was smiling or not behind a mask? Or choose to socially distance that extra third metre – just to be sure. But despite our social freedoms grinding to a halt, we still selflessly did all that we could to support our family, friends, neighbours and the wider community. Many people were so concerned about others, they forget to care about themselves.

More than half the adult population in Ireland has now received the first dose of the vaccine. Restrictions are being eased, and we are now looking forward to the second half of the year with far less trepidation. There is no doubt that some very scary times will have left a permanent imprint on us. Therefore, there is no better time than the present to focus on yourself. It is time to practise some self-care so that both your body and mind can feel re-energised.

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Shane Flynn: The Natural Born Winners

Not everybody can be an entrepreneur, not everybody can make it. The skills that you need to run your own business can’t all be taught in school. Nor can they be acquired simply by reading books about billionaires. You don’t have to drop out of college, nor do you need lots of money to make money. In fact, the best entrepreneurs start off with next to nothing, because they have to. The defining characteristic amongst all successful entrepreneurs? the ability to create products that everybody wants.

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